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Zombie Maps
Pie Man's Christmas Map
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 350.17 MB
Date Wednesday 02 April 2014 - 22:02:32
Downloads 1842
 8.8 - 16 votes 
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mlgproandrew @ 28 Jul : 15:27
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LOVE THIS MAP GOT TO 45+ great guns great perks good training space love how u put things in that where in different games raygun mark2 is 1 shot hit on round 45+ maybe want to fix that maybe a bank to store cash in? love the warden that locks perks and u have to pay to unlock only thing when there is loads of zombies in the map the warden does not spawn?
Other than that BEST MAP EVER
MrN1tro @ 09 May : 15:28
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I just love it great job
ExicionX @ 29 Aug : 14:47
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how do i play on the map? Can anyone help me please?

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