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Zombie Maps
Nazi Zombie Clear
Solo go into console "map nazi_zombie_Clear"

First map ever and soon to come a prison of the walking dead but reimagend as a jappanese facility. This map is basd on the walking dead episode 313 "Clear." I do Hope you Injoy and leave in the commets what i can improve on my mapping. Thank You so much! I have another map that i am makeing but this time it will be funner and more detailed and the next one will blow your mined!!!!!!!!!

Map includes:
-ZCT mod
-camo for guns
-textured zombies
Image no image available
Filesize 132.95 MB
Date Thursday 23 October 2014 - 21:24:33
Downloads 910
 7.6 - 6 votes 
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rashwolf @ 28 Jun : 03:48
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why doesn't it download to the mods folder and do the other things I cant download this I cant download anything from this web that works

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