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Host co-op/zombies w/ ease!!
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Mon Nov 24 2008, 11:33PM
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So for the longest time i couldn't host a game. People would join (from the master list of servers) but when i hit the start match button everyone would time out. But i solved my problem and maybe it will work for other. First off i open the required ports for cod:waw. being 28960, 3074 udp and 28960 tcp. But you need more ports open for some reason cod:waw uses some ports that ps3 and xbox360 versions use like 3075 and 5332. So i opened those ports alway a full list can be found from activision support. But the real kicker is setting a max and min ping for your hosted game. If i set a max ping limit people have problems if i keeep the max and min ping at zero (0) i have no problems hosting anytime i want don't even need to send out invites. if anyone needs help let me know. i wioll help you best i can.
i still try to invite my friends first and open the server up to the public. also if you are using a firewall don't forget to allow the ports threw that also.
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Tue Nov 25 2008, 12:31PM
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Nice, so am i the only one that cant find servers when i do a search or do you think its my fire wall settings. It says that CoD WaW is unblocked but i cant ever find a server?
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Tue Nov 25 2008, 03:05PM
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There are software firewalls and hardware firewalls, check both (you might not have a hardware one, but if you're going through a router it's likely you do).
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Sat Dec 13 2008, 01:30AM
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if want to use max ping... set to what you want....then after everyone has joined ...set it back to zero before launching game... this will give you a lag free game and eliminate the sync errors and dropping of players
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Sat Dec 20 2008, 08:37PM
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try http://portforward.com/routers.htm this site will help ya open ports

[ Edited Sat Dec 20 2008, 08:40PM ]
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