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Nazi Zombie Bunker (Map & Mod)
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Sat Aug 28 2010, 04:36PM
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Well, it's now over 2 Years, that i started to map my first Map in Call of Duty and of course in World at War. I played a lot Zombie Mode, and still do it. But i missed something, it was just, kil kill kill kill and get the best weapon.
So i decided to work on my own map, with objectives and there was a realse soon. But I was just a newbie, so the map was for me a epic fail. After Beta2 i lost fun in doing mapping so i decided to make a break - a long one(sadly).
After Der Riese came out, i got my fun for doing maps back I wanted to finish bunker now. But in this Year, i had to finish my school and find a job (Yeah I found a really good ). After leaving school, I had much time so I decided to finish my project NOW! And if i don't get it until Black Ops release, i will do it for BO as well !

Part 1 is 60% finish, my friends and me will test it soon. I will post a video in the next 7 days.
New screens are comming soon.
It's a huge map and mapping/codeing alone is really hard and boring so it will take some time(unless i get some help, just pm me ^^)
-> I curunntly search a modeller/skinner/coder who have a bit knowleadge in ther subjects. (You don't have to be a por, just someone who really want to do it!)
I add and remove some features because i run out of time.
Oh and btw, no scripts/ ideas were stolen. I write them by my self and the ideas had I since Mod tools came out.

Well, tha basic idea is the same, you have to do objectives and survive. But i "pimp" it with a little story and much better objectives.


-comming soon-
-comming soon-


of course, this map is winable

4 areas: bunker, cave, tunnel and village.

* enter Bunker
* find secret labor
* destroy the door with a bomb
* weld a door
* find the zombie gen and destroy it
* close 2 valves and execute the on console the command
* go on the roof and refuel the generator
* move into the elevator and go down to the cave
* find a way to repair the bridge
* find a way through the cave
* go onto the platform and move with it down
* find a way to get through the security doors
* enter - whatever this is -
* escape by teleporter or die in hell
(thats so far, just the objectives for bunker and cave, so its just 50% of the objectives )

Different Play Modes:

Campaign: Play with your friends the complete map, start at the bunker.
Deathmatch: Play with your friends at bunker, cave, tunnel or village like "Der Riese" style.

Different options: like Hardcore mode, weapon prices, difficulty setting
New zombie pickups:
Zeitlupe = [Slow motion]: (slows down the time for 30 seconds)
Schutzweste = [Vest]: (get 30 seconds only 50% of the real damage by zombies)

new In-Game menu:
buy your weapon directly from buymenu (all cod5 weapons + modified weapons)
upgrade them as well with:
- more ammo
- fire power
- attachments
- upgrade to Der Rise upgraded weapons
buy the perks from buymenu as well new perks.
ability to give money to your friend

pause mode (set pause mode, when one of your buddies is busy or you have to go to toilet^^ (Damn that is in my opinion the best feature )

ability to revive a dead friend (will cost some points! and time!!)
Class system: each player can choose one of 4 class.

lot's of custom stuff like:
custom blockers
custom textures (bloody )
custom zombie eyes

Randomness: random placement of some objects.

Big changes in orginal zombiemode, for example:
No round system:
at the beginning zombies will spawn less
after each objective zombie spawning will increase
Zombie health will increase less
reworked score per kill.

Anything u want more? What do you like / dislike ?

And sry for my bad english, but "german secondary school english" isn't really the best. But I think you understand me =)

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Sat Aug 28 2010, 09:12PM
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wow. im speechless. its like as if you read my mind: evrything i wanted will be put in this map. Congratulations.
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Sat Aug 28 2010, 11:16PM

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Good to see you around again delta, been a long time but I remember your work well, he's the man guys
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Tue Aug 31 2010, 09:30PM
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Nice to see that people still love the idea and play zombies
But I will not finish that map for World at War. Only 50% of this Map (Bunker and Cave) will be available.
But i will port that Map to Black Ops, with a new style (No World War) and with more features. I won't get into detail but Treyarch is proud about their Helicopter. Well, what do you think about some support from above?
With Black Ops i can start from 0 with great ideas and a good knowledge. I hope i can find some guys, who work with me and would be proud to present u a Nazi Zombie Campaign.

This Campaign would have cut scene and a new story (beside from the BlackOps Zombie and Nazi Zombie Story).

Well, let's see what time says

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Tue Sep 21 2010, 06:46PM
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Just a quick replay:

the map is not dead, I'm working on whenever i can.
If all went fine i will make a beta on friday (beta 0.4) with my friends and record it for you
There is still a lot to do, but the first part is now working up to 90%

[ Edited Tue Sep 21 2010, 06:47PM ]
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Tue Sep 21 2010, 10:09PM

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Well done m8, looking forward to it
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Tue Oct 05 2010, 08:00PM
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As you see, no screens or vids are available yet. I added in the last 2 weeks some important new features, like dynamic light.
I had to worte my own files because the scripts from Treyarch didn't worked very well.
After hours of trying, i got now my flickering lights with changing models, effects and all the stuff and it it 100% customizeable.
I also added some sweet new decels, like bloody font textures, new miscs and holes for some walls.

But after all this big improvements, the map isn't playable anymore in Coop. And that's the reason why you don't get any screens/vids from me.
Curruntly I'm in a 0 phase, it's just annoying to get stuck again and i really don't know why.
Last week we should try Beta 0.4 but now I'm on Beta 0.4h coop fix and it is still not working...

It really don't look well for a 100% working CoD WaW Zombie map from myself but I will try my best.
If all went wrong, I will move to Black Ops. With some tweaks it should run on BO too

But this is what I personally wanted to post last friday:

The first part is 90% done. I will move soon to the secound part, the cave. The cave is already mapped, just need some scripts, like the elevator.
I also have to tweak the spawners, so they will not spawn above and wait until the elevator is on the ground.

About a open Beta:
There will be a open Beta, but only for those who really want to play and test this map and give good feedback.
I think a good date is at the middle of Oktober.

About Buymenu:
It's not final. It's more like a developer test and I don't know yet if i will put it in the final.
The problem is how to get access to the new weapons?

Curruntly you have to buy for each type in a given order, see example above (i don't know how to explain )

WEAPON = PRICE // After buying increase price

Assault Rifle:

svt = 750;
gewehr = 750;
garand = 500;
stg = 1500;
carbine = 800;


thompson = 1500;
mp40 = 1500;
type100 = 1500;
ppsh = 2000;


trench = 1800;
double = 1500;


type99 = 1700;
bar = 1800;
dp = 1900;
mg42 = 2400;
fg42 = 2200;
browning = 2500;

Rifle (Bolt Action)
springfield = 200;
arisaka = 300;
mosin = 300;
kar = 200;
ptrs = 1000;


stiehlhandgrande = 400;
molotov = 600;
gas = 1200;
flamethrower = 4000;
monkey bomb = 2500; //+1500
tesla_gun (wunderwaffe) = 8000; //+3500
ray gun = 8000; //+4500

So you have to buy at first the svt (750 points) and after this u are able to buy the gewehr43 (750 points)
Or you can buy at first a thompson (1500 p) and after this the mp40. Or the type99 and a sprinfield...
To get ammo for your weapon just buy it again and it will cost a half of the full price.

But this isn't really smart, because it's tooooo easy to get to overpowered weapons.

Curunntly I don't know how to make it right.
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Tue Oct 05 2010, 08:56PM
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Ok, i search someone (or more) to test my map. Most of my friends are often offline ore not available.

I have to do trial&error. So if you are interested to see the map, pm me
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Tue Oct 05 2010, 10:11PM
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I'll test it on solo, and let you know what I find. Send the file to my email at deathclonic©gmail.com.
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Wed Oct 06 2010, 08:54AM

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I will too m8, my comps been playing up a lot but hopefully it will give me enough time to test it out!! Let me know times and whatever and we'll sort something out. Looking forward to this
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