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Wed Jan 07 2009, 06:20PM
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Hey Rampage, Do you still plan to complete this map? Me and a buddy actually had the same idea and are working on a mall map based on Dawn of the Dead.
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-CS- Garra
Thu Jan 08 2009, 03:34PM
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Joined: Sun Dec 14 2008, 07:58AM
Posts: 8
i love that idea!!! Dawn Of the Dead has a sweet objective base u can have
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Fri Jan 09 2009, 05:24PM
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Joined: Fri Dec 26 2008, 10:27AM
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Hey Rampage, your maps are great so i'm sure this is gonna be another great map. Just don't give up on it.
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Fri Jan 09 2009, 08:45PM
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just an thought, do you think you can make a gun store that carries almost all the guns in it? and maybe a few dead people on the ground with guns next to them you can get?
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Fri Jan 09 2009, 08:45PM
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Still awesome thought! cant wait for the map!
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Tue Jan 13 2009, 10:17PM
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Is this project still going? Or don't u have time at the moment? I am lookin inforward to playin this one lol.

[ Edited Tue Jan 13 2009, 10:17PM ]
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Thu Jan 15 2009, 05:45AM
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Joined: Wed Dec 10 2008, 08:45PM
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I have been very busy with college (have classes every day ), so I haven't had anytime lol. I might work on it in the future, but not for a few months. I think I gave godfather the map source file and some at modsonline have made some parts, so I'm not sure.
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Thu Jan 15 2009, 12:48PM
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lol yep i have them still m8 my personal thought on this map is that its not a one man job so im calling out to anyone that is good with custom textures and making models with terrain patch
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Sun Feb 15 2009, 05:53AM
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dude...DONT GIVE UP ON THIS MAP PLEASE! it would be awesome completed, it would be as populare as the Zombie Subway map or the Curch map if you complete it! but if you absolutely cant, id understand.
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Thu Feb 19 2009, 04:57PM
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Joined: Sun Jan 18 2009, 08:12PM
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are you gna have different type of weapons in it? such as ppsh? x
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